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Advanced Technology for Better Dentistry

At Northside Family Dentistry, we use the best that modern dental technology has to offer so that our patients can enjoy the excellent dental care they deserve. At the end of the day, it all comes down to patient comfort and Dr. Shanks uses these items on a daily basis to make sure that each patient has a comfortable, rewarding experience.

3 CEREC Milling Machines

CEREC® Primescan Same Day Technology

We know how important your time is. That’s why Dr. Shanks invested in the CEREC® Primescan. This technology allows us to create a custom, tooth-colored dental restoration like a crown or a filling in one visit. The CEREC® intraoral camera takes a 3D image of your tooth then sends the data to an onsite milling machine to create your custom porcelain restoration.
Our Primescan takes a higher quality, comprehensive 3D scans of the entire mouth in a fraction of the time it took before with the previous CEREC® methods.

CEREC® means no more temporaries, and no more return visits to get work finished!

iTero Digital Scanner

We are proud to offer the latest in Invisalign® treatment, the iTero digital scanner. For you, that means no more gooey impressions, more effective treatment, and aligners that are made faster so you can start treatment sooner.
How it works is during your consultation, we will scan your smile and in less than 10 minutes it’s already sent to the lab. Your new digital smile is being created using Invisalign® software. Once Dr. Shanks has finalized the details of your new smile, Invisalign® begins 3D printing your aligners.

EnvisionTEC 3D Printer – Digital Dentures

We’ve partnered with the most experienced team of engineers in 3D printing, EnvisionTEC to provide our patients with the best in 3D printing. This technology helps Dr. Shanks and his team produce dentures with more detail and better materials.

Isolite® Illuminator System

We think you’ll like the Isolite® Dryfield Illuminator System. You can think of it as a Swiss Army Knife for dental procedures because it provides illumination for excellent visibility, improved access, and moisture control for suction of debris and fluids. The soft, flexible mouthpiece helps to keep your cheek retracted and your jaw relaxed while Dr. Shanks and the team take care of your dental health needs. The bottom line is 20-30% less time than you would normally be in the chair, no need for cotton rolls or rubber dams, and a whole new level of patient comfort. Come try it out!

intraoral camera demonstration

Intraoral Camera

Do you ever wish you could see inside your own mouth and understand exactly what Dr. Shanks has told you about? Well, the intraoral camera can help with that. This miniature video camera offers a high resolution, 40X magnification view of what’s going on in your mouth, so we can help diagnose and craft a treatment plan that is perfect for you. You’ll be amazed at what you can see with this nifty little device.

3D Radiograph

Digital X-rays

Nowadays, digital X-rays are the norm in dental offices, because they are safer, easier, and more efficient than standard X-rays. This is because digital X-rays emit up to 90% less radiation, are environmentally friendly, and can be viewed and enhanced instantly. When it comes to making a quick and accurate diagnosis, digital is a huge step up from the standard X-ray option. On top of that, digital X-rays are automatically saved to your file and can be accessed easily at any time in the future.

Sirona Speedfire

Sirona SpeedFire

We never want to sacrifice quality when it comes to your oral health. With our CEREC SpeedFire, we use zirconia to make sure your crown is built to last, while also keeping your time in the chair low as this creates your crown in under 15 minutes!

Sirona XG 3D Imaging System

Sirona® XG 3D Digital Imaging

Dr. Shanks uses the Sirona® XG 3D Imaging system to help achieve more accurately guided dental implant placement and to evaluate the teeth for hidden infection. The Sirona® XG is a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) X-Ray System that takes 20 seconds to complete and creates a 3D model of the jaws. This allows Dr. Shanks to take 3D images of your whole jawline, without taking multiple x-rays. This data also helps to create custom milled implant guides, in office on the same day your 3D images are taken.


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